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Energy Saving Additive

HVAC units contribute to over 40% of electricity costs in commercial premises. HVAC performance also deteriorates every year by 7% to 10% leading to more frequent break-downs, higher running costs and higher carbon emissions.

Reducing HVAC energy consumption, means lower carbon emissions, cheaper electricity bills and a greener, more sustainable business.

Proud to be sustainable.

MaxR100 can
Reduce Carbon Emission.

Once your HVAC is turned on for the first time, oil starts to build up inside your compressor. As time passes, heat transfer efficiency decreases, leading to more run-cycles, and contributing to over 30% of your building Carbon emissions.

MaxR100 removes your building's Carbon Dioxide emission by up to 30%.

Smaller Bill? Yes !

MaxR100 can
Reduce At Least 10% Average Energy Consumption.

Thanks to our proprietary formula, MaxR100 can restore the performance of your aged HVAC and enhance its energy efficiency.

Running more efficiently means less maintenance, better performance while having at least an average of 10% less average energy consumption.

Humidity is key .

MaxR100 can
Improve Your Indoor Comfort.

The optimal indoor humidity should always be between 30% to 50% for occupant to experience optimal indoor comfort.

With MaxR100, we remove up to 40% excess humidity in the air. Making sure the humidity is just right for you.

Protection. Forever

MaxR100 can
Last Forever.

No top up required. Install only once.

MaxR100 proprietary molecules removes any oil build up and form a permanent lubrcating layer to the wall of the compressor.

Tested. Certified.

MaxR100 is
Tested and Certified.

MaxR100 has taken vigorous testing to make sure it is effective, safe to use and compatible with your units.


  • ASHRAE 97
  • ASHRAE 31-1988
  • Lubricant Miscibility Testing
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More than 40,000 buildings installed MaxR100.

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